Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday 9 29 19 morning call

Still waves on the south shore yesterday (with early rain induced onshores in Lahaina), but here's two north shore photos of the day. This is Gofoil's Alex Aguera riding waves at Lanes on his SUP foiling board and a wing. This last one is the reason why I decided to do the surgery for my trigger fingers..

As usual Jimmie Hepp shot the windsurfers at Hookipa, this is a well above average wave. Most other ones in this gallery are half the size.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore
2.5ft @ 13s from 205° (SSW)
1.8ft @ 10s from 197° (SSW)
1ft @ 18s from 183° (S)

2.1ft @ 13s from 188° (S)
1.3ft @ 5s from 142° (SE)
1.2ft @ 9s from 209° (SSW)
1ft @ 18s from 180° (S)

Couple of feet 13s is what is left of the last S swell, a lot smaller than it's been, but still fun.  This is a double overhead set at Ala Moana that caught everybody by surprise yesterday afternoon, but today the size should be more like waist to head high. Check the Lahaina webcam before going.

Notice also the 1ft 18s reading at both buoys though. That is a brand new long period swell that was not in anyone's forecast. I doubt it will get any big, but it's a nice surprise.

North shore
4.9ft @ 9s from 40° (NE)

3.6ft @ 9s from 343° (NNW)

2.8ft @ 9s from 358° (N)
1.6ft @ 11s from 327° (NW)
3.5ft @ 9s from 52° (ENE)

NW energy down in period, but still lingering, while 9s NE energy from the fetche we've been observing in the last few days adds on top. This mix should keep some waves rolling at Hookipa and the east facing shores, while a longer period small NW bump is expected tomorrow.
Wind map at noon.

North Pacific has a N and a ENE weak fetches.

Tasman Sea keeps pumping swells in this remarkable season.

Morning sky.

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