Tuesday, June 30, 2009

what a season!

Without any doubt the best start of the summer season since 2001.

Check Pat Caldwell's latest forecast (not that I didn't know that already, but it's comforting to read Uncle Pat's confirmation).
No need to go back to Oahu this week (also because there will be no wind for sailing for the next few days). I may stay in Maui till July 5th, at least. That'll make the 1000 waves target even more challenging... cool!

Yesterday I caught a bunch (feels good not to have to count them, I have to admit...) of playful waist to shoulder high waves on the Lahaina side. Today more of the same. I woke up early, may have to go dawn patrolling.
In the meantime, enjoy a couple of shots from Oahu.

This guy's board (and shorts) look like straight out of Endless summer... classic.

I wish I had a bird's eye view of that... maybe I should mount the GoPro on my carrier pigeon!


Dave said...

WOOOHOOOOO!!!! Let's just go ahead and call it the best start to summer ever! I have been having sooo much fun surfing town (lahaina) for three weeks now. Everyone is getting plenty waves and the crowds have been light and mellow for the most part.See you out there!

cammar said...

Well, I can speak for what I know and 2001 is when I moved to Maui.

Surfed Breakwall from 6 to 8 before an onshore breeze got on it.
Waves on the way down and long waits, but I caught two head high open glassy gems that made the drive worth it.
Sunset time should be good again. Better take a nap...

Anonymous said...

I rather like the look of the guy's shoulders and lovely head of hair! The girl obviously is not artificial as her boobs have got lost beneath her armpits. Lucky you being able to island hop.


Anonymous said...

Where you stay G?

cammar said...

I'm in Maui doing double surf sessions every day... tons of waves!
Back to Oahu on Monday morning.