Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday 6 12 17 morning call

Yesterday I dedicated the early morning to the test of two Jimmy Lewis boards we just put in the rental fleet at Hi-Tech: the 9.0 and 10.0 Maui Models.

They come with a 2+1 fin setup and are both overall excellent all around boards, with an inclination towards high performance riding. 75% high performance vs 25% nose riding, I'd say. As such, I liked the 9.0 a little better, specially on the waist high plus waves. Real easy to redirect and pump down the line, also thanks to the extremely light weight. The 10.0 was better on the knee high ones, which were very easy to catch thanks to the excellent paddling speed. They joined the Destroyer 6.6, 7.0 and 8.0 and the 8.6 HP that already represented the prolific Maui shaper in our surfboard rental fleet.

After work, I had a lovely foiling oriented meeting on the beach at Kanaha, but I had to wait until 6pm to go out and it was too windy even then. I might have to find a different spot for practicing this new (for me) discipline. I'll probably do a wind foil centered post tomorrow.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

1.7ft @ 12s from 168° (SSE)

1.6ft @ 12s from 181° (S)

We are down to the minimum terms as far as the southerly energy goes. Those numbers might easily be completely blocked by Kahoolawe, but I recommend to check the webcams anyway.

North shore
4.1ft @ 8s from 44° (NE)

Swell is 4 feet 8 seconds, but it's from 44 degrees and that means unblocked for the Maui's north shore, so there will be waves at Hookipa. The wind will be on it from the beginning, as the sensor is reading 8(5-12)mph from 73 already at 4.45am.
This is how Hookipa and Lahaina looked in the webcams when I lauched them at 5.20am. Not the most exciting day for surfing. But there's sets (looks like chest high and knee high respectively).

8am wind map

2pm wind map

North Pacific pretty quite in terms of wave generation, only windswell.

South Pacific offers two decent fetches plus the one I marked with a arrow that will start making waves for us in the next couple of days. I don't think we're gonna see bigger waves than the last swell, but it's gonna be a solid run of back to back swells starting Saturday and lasting 7-10 days.

Not many clouds in the Hawaiian skies and another stunning day is on its way.


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