Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday 6 15 17 morning call

Between a surf session and a surf guide, I surfed 4 hours yesterday morning. Here's the fun conditions we scored.

In the late afternoon I went windfoiling and it was amazing. I was at the harbor and I put a whole hour into it. By the end of the session, the wind got stronger and I was able to foil from one side of the harbor to the other. When you're learning, you need a bit more wind to foil than when you're proficient, the trick is to just sheet out almost completely when you're up and in a gust.

I believe I had the "Dave Kalama's eyes" when derigging in the parking lot. Foiling is a really amazing new feeling and all of a sudden, the good old going back and forth on a windsurfer becames a lot of fun again. Stoked to be doing this.

Below is the graph of the wind at the harbor and I'm honestly surprised to see such big numbers between 5 and 6pm when I was out. The sensors called "Kanaha west" and "Kanaha" are at the end of the two piers. Inside the harbor, it was definitely less than that.

Jimmie Hepp went to shoot the kiters at kite beach and this is a photo from this gallery.

3am significant buoy readings
South shore

1.7ft @ 12s from 138° (SE)

That's the only southerly energy reading at the outer buoys, today might be another day of minimal energy. Nonetheless, check the webcams, because I don't think it will be flat.

As a matter of fact, I think I'll be driving towards Lahaina early again. My shoulders are sore (specially the muscles around the collar bones from holding the sail without the harness), but this is going to be my last session until Saturday, since tonight and tomorrow I'll be doing liver flush n.3. The idea is to do one a month until no more gallbladder stones come out for two flushes in a row. At that point one can consider himself stone free, with great benefits towards proper food absorption and health in general.

North shore
4.4ft @ 8s from 77° (ENE)

The windswell is now from 77 degrees, which is parallel to the north shore, so today Hookipa should be a little smaller than yesterday, but still not flat. Wind sensor there is reading 10(5-15)mph at 4.30am.

8am wind map

2pm wind map. Looks like less wind than 8am, this is going to be another good test for this new model which, for the moment, I consider just "ok". Still missing the MC2km maps, which were definitely more precise and reliable.

North Pacific map shows a weak but proper NW fetch plus the windswell one. Here's how Pat Caldwell describes the first one: Fresh to strong breezes with pockets to near gales east of the dateline north of 35°N 6/15-17 is expected to begin a long lived, short wave period event starting Sunday afternoon from 315-330 degrees.

Down south, the strong fetch east of New Zealand is still there, while I completely overlooked (and didn't circle it) the ESE one that appears in the fetches map on the right.

Here's a couple of comments from Pat Caldwell about the next swell: The pacioos/cdip american samoa buoy is rising sharply on 6/13. Since the source winds were gale or less, the dominant wave periods are 14-16 seconds. Shorter wave periods lose swell size more rapidly with travel.
Surf is expected to slowly build Friday from 185-200 degrees. The event should peak late Saturday from 180-195 degrees, then slowly drop on Sunday.
A much stronger system with seas to 35 feet well S to SE of New Zealand 6/10-11 raced eastward. It should add some long-period swell starting late Saturday from 190-200 degrees.

And after those first two pulses, there will be a third even bigger one on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

There's still an area of clouds over between Oahu and Kauai and, looking at the rain forecast on Windguru, Maui should be effected too today.

This is the rain radar image.

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