Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Wednesday 6 7 17 morning call

I had an extremely busy day yesterday in which I managed to squeeze in:
- a fun longboard session in Lahaina
- an excellent SUP lesson
- an interesting wind foiling session
- a lovely afternoon work shift.

Every time I go wind foiling I learn something new. I'm almost ready to make a post about it, let me collect some more info. One thing I can say already: my setup is pretty difficult. I'm on the search for an old race board with a tuttle box in the back. Please email me if you got one that you want to get rid of. This photo was taken by Paula Stocks-Mantia in a rare moment in which I look in control.

5am significant buoy readings
South shore

1.3ft @ 15s from 107° (ESE)
1.3ft @ 12s from 159° (SSE)

1.5ft @ 12s from 161° (SSE)
1.1ft @ 15s from 132° (SE)
Not only the South Pacific is continuing to provide a decent amount of background energy (1.4f 12s), but today it's even adding some fresh longer period one (1.2f 15s)! Seen also the lack of alternatives, I'm ready to do the drive again. The webcams shows that the harbor is doing its magic, but there's a serious wonk in the water and I hope that will disappear by the time I slowly get ready (taking it easy this morning). This is what I caught, but I've seen even bigger sets and kinda consistent. You guys should check it out yourself and/or wait for my multi-spot report. That won't happen before 7am, though.
North shore
3.7ft @ 7s from 76° (ENE)

11am wind map shows moderate trades, getting stronger at 2pm.

North Pacific shows no wave generation.

South Pacific shows scattered little fetches, but nothing substantial. There is a solid fetch, but it's unfortunately aiming at central America.

Some clouds moving around us, but Maui's sky seems to be clear, at least in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what happened to the west lanai and barbers point bouy?

cammar said...

I don't.