Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday 6 26 17 morning call

Yesterday morning the conditions in Lahaina were pristine again and I saw (and rode) a few more 9's. I got a shoulder high and clean report from Hookipa too. This instead is Maui's Coconut Willie in Tahiti in a picture featured by the Surfers magazine website. How's that lip?

After work I tried a formula board with the foil. Once again, with the box all the way at the back (where the windsurfing fin normally is), the feeling was of a slalom setup and I didn't particularly like it. With the box further forward, the foil starts foiling much earlier and it's much more maneuverable. More like a wave board, really. I'm still looking for a board to dedicate to windfoiling and I'm starting to realize that whatever I find, I will have to add a box in front of the regular fin one. That's a lovely $250 extra.

3am significant buoy readings
South shore

2.2ft @ 15s from 129° (ESE)
2.1ft @ 12s from 140° (SE)

2.4ft @ 15s from 186° (S)
The southerly energy at the outer buoys is finally declining this morning after 9-10 days of pumping waves. There will still be waves on the south shore, but smaller than yesterday. A new small long period pulse is predicted to slowly pick up later in the day, but it's more of a tomorrow's deal, if it materializes. Check the webcams for today's size.

North shore
3.4ft @ 13s from 54° (ENE)

Solid reading at Pauwela, if the wind won't be too strong, Hookipa and all the easterly exposures could be fun at sunrise. In the meantime, the sensor is reading 5(3-7)mph at 4am and below is the wind map at 6am.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific shows a very weak and not well oriented NW fetch (won't do anything for us) plus a NE fetch.

South Pacific shows a very weak Tasman Sea fetch (won't do anything for us either) and a quite wide SSE to SE one.

Classic trades morning sky again. Even if those clouds to our east move over us, I'm still calling it another stunning day.

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