Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday 6 24 17 morning call

Yesterday was another day of waves on the south shore. Conditions weren't as pristine as the day before, but I managed to pull off two sessions before an afternoon work shift. No time in between to take photos from land, I couldn't stand the thought of another day without shot of the day, so I pulled the gopro out and put it on my only board with a mount on the nose. I like that angle much better than what you get with the mouth mount. I'd like it even better if I was a better surfer... I thought this turn was totally radical when I did it! Btw, thanks to that surfing hat (available for sale at Hi-Tech), I've been on a zero sunscreen program for more than a month and didn't get burned once.

3am significant buoy readings
South shore

3.5ft @ 15s from 145° (SE)

3.4ft @ 14s from 140° (SE)

4.2ft @ 14s from 149° (SE)

Numbers at the outer buoys still up, but on a slow decline. This is day 8 of a great weak of southerly swells and I'll do the drive in the dark again. Got to make hey while the sun shines, since next week is not going to be as good as this one, even though there's small but long period episodes in the forecast, the first one of which should happen Tuesday. I'll post the usual beach reports from the road, but you guys also check the webcam please. Sometimes while dedicating 3 minutes of my time at doing that I wonder:"why am I doing this when they can just watch the webcam?". Anyway, 3 minutes is no big deal, I'll keep doing them in the hope that someone appreciates them.

Watch out the negative tide that in Lahaina today will be at 9.11am as shown below. That's another good reason to hit it early before it happens.

North shore
4ft @ 8s from 55° (ENE)

That is not too bad of a reading at Pauwela. Despite that, Hookipa looked kinda flat at sunset, but the high tide didn't help. Should be something in the morning, maybe up to even head high at Pavils, but overall nothing to be too excited about.

Yellow is 15-20 knots and orange is 20-25, so this model shows plenty wind at noon, specially down the coast of the north shore.

Instead, even the notoriously generous NAM3 model at the bottom of the windguru page only shows 13-18 mph. The difference is significant and I'll keep an eye on the wind to see which one is right.

North Pacific shows small, weak fetches.

Better fetches from the south, but with a longer travel distance. 35 knots in the lower part of one of them, but in a very small section.

Classic trade sky again and another stunning day is on its way.

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