Saturday, April 29, 2006

Holy snow!

Here's a few pics that show how intense a passion can be. Jan 15 somewhere in Rhode Island or Maine (wrong! It's Long Island, New York), these guys don't give a shit... they got to go sail!
A lot of respect to Florian and his friends for that.
The name of the sailor who "sacrified himself" to stay on shore and take pics is Steve Domjan.

Watching these photos also enhances even more my appreciation for the paradise conditions of Maui...
More photos on:

A jibe you don't want to miss...


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Anonymous said...

Hey Giampaolo,

Thanks for including the winter sailing pix in your blog! Just for clarification, those were taken in Long Island, New York, at West Neck Beach in the town of Huntington.

By the way, it was awesome to see you and Sharon (love her!) on this last trip with the Long Island crew! We had an incredible time in Maui! I can't wait to come back in August!


Lano said...

Great shots Giampaiolo, hope its a biot warmer when we come over to Maui in 6 weeks!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

These guys are not only hardcore sailers, but can put out some serious cooking, entertaining and are very cool. We loved hanging out with you all! See you next time.

Michelle & Ulli

cammar said...

Love these comments!
Ely, I corrected the original post as well as added the photographer name.
Lano, read my post above and you won't be worried about the temperature in Maui... If you need a car/place to stay, send me an email:

Thanks to everybody for bringing such a positive energy to this page.

Sharon said...

Bloody hell-I get cold extremities just looking at these pici's. Next time 'it's too cold' comes to mind at Kanaha, I'll think again!