Thursday, April 13, 2006

Paddling the canoe in the sunny and calm south shore in the morning (see below).
Windsurfing the furious north shore in the afternoon.
It was a day that deserved a proper dinner. Here we have baked potatoes and Opakapaka fillet, a slightly alcoholic beverage commonly know as beer and a blog posting session.

Actually, every day deserves a proper dinner.
Because, as Ziggy Marley says in the song playing right now...

"irie days come on play
let the angels fly let the devils die
got to do what you can with the time at hand
Ali boom mah yeah Ali boom mah yeah
don't worry your mind its just the test of time
in five years these be the good old days

no one knows what the future holds for everything has a season
its not a time for war its a time for peace
tomorrow knows tomorrow woes
I remember when grandpa use to say grandson these be the good old days

these be the good old days

now comes the moon with its starry lights
and so begins the night life
the tribal dance puts me in a trance
as she pulls me in with her magic swing
I asked of her what do we celebrate
she said to me these be the good old days

these be the good old days

leh leh leh leh leh leh leh leh

there is no future there is only now
let's cherish these moments that we now know

these be the good old days"

And since I particularly like the second part of the song and tonight it's full moon, I have to go now. This day may not be over yet... ;-)

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