Sunday, April 30, 2006

T'e' piaciuta

This Sunday night posting session is becoming a habit. Good kind, though.
I did a lot of stuff today. Including doing nothing (my favorite).
But here I think it's worth to mention the most remarkable of the things I did today (beyond doing nothing, of course).
For the first time, in fact, I surfed a spot on the north shore (sorry, no names... this blog is becoming too popular...) standing up on the 12.6. It was unbelievable. Till a light breeze finally picked up around 10.30, I was even hot in my neoprene tank top. Now, that's something. Even though I am in Maui, I get cold very easy in the water and always wear that tank top. Summertime in Lahiana, maybe not. But today it was the last day of april and it was the north shore. Nevertheless, the sun was quite strong. And the ocean was quite blue. And quite glassy. I saw the biggest-turtle-ever swimming right under my board. And I caught a few double overhead bombs, that I will feel again when I'll go to bed. I already saw the lines under the shower...
Unfortunately, I broke the blade of the paddle paddling for a wave.
Fortunately I broke it at the end of the session (it can always be worse...).

Below, Hookipa at 8 am. Crowded paradise.

And this looks like Laird again. Whoever he was, he was ripping!

I also want to mention that my very wonderful friend Sharon started her own blog. This is the address and this is the email with which she announced it:

"Aloha my lovelies;
I've been quietly hooked on my friend Giampoalo's (
wrong spelling, baby) blog for quite a while, and as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery-I have boldly plagiarized!

This whole thing stems from an observation of myself that when asked the question "how are you", I summarize in vague terms and while you get the gist-you don't get the juice.

Life is full of many minor magical moments. So this is my way of letting those of you who care to be voyeurs, in on some of mine. I update it when I feel so inclined and I'm still ironing out a few wrinkles....enjoy anyway."

I think that may stimulate the curiosity of somebody. I know that the photo she picked for her online profile will stimulate the curiosity of some gentlemen... Don't be fooled though. You have more chances to see female bodies on this blog than on hers...

Sorry, I had to delete her photo, because it was too large and sent my profile all the way at the bottom of the page... check it out on her blog!

The last thing I want to state here, is that I really love the shuffle. My media player just decided to pick Renato Carosone's "T'e' piaciuta?" out of my collection of 3533 songs.

"T'e' piaciuta, t'e' piaciuta e tienatella cara, cara...
mo' ti vedo afflitto e stanco, su coraggio ue' Giuva'
se il mellone e' uscito bianco e mo' cu chi ta vo' piglia'?"



Lano said...

Those waves look fantastic Giampaolo, I will send you some of the waves that we have to put up with here in South Australia. See you in 7 weeks!

cammar said...


I assume you know that in 7 weeks the north shore will probably be very flat. Plenty wind, but flat.
If you like surfing and you are lucky you may score some waves on the south shore.
Send me an email if you need car/house:

Anonymous said...

Our paddle board snapped like a toothpick on Sunday - spot : our neighborhood break!!! Can you do anything with 2 six foot pieces of foam??!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shazza - I didn't get the press release about your new blog? Will check it out now....

PS - love the (incorrect) spelling of GP - had to laugh very loudly!!

Sharon said...

Mich: Be sure to get GP over with his camera-there's a blog shot with those two halves for sure!

Anonymous said...

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