Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm probably posting faster than you guys can read...
So, I did surf the south shore. It wasn't epic, but it was really nice. A bit too windy and chilly, but the sunset was nice and was alone on peak.

Here's a little Olowalu gem.

This morning I'm going again.
Why am I sacrifying surf time for this posting session? For two reasons:
1) I love you guys (bullshit, I'm just having fun)
2) The tide is not quite right. It's a minus one at 10am. It takes 1 to 2 hours before you really notice the change.
Here, this is a free bit of ocean knowledge: tide changes very slowly at the low and high peaks and relatively quickly in the middle of the transition. So, I think the best time will be around noon. But I'm done posting, so I'll put a book in my backpack, go to the beach, place my beach chair in the sand and watch the tide change.
You guys from all over the world with tight schedules around the clock... you should do that too! Take some time off and just watch the tide change...

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