Monday, April 24, 2006

Photo story of a Sunday at Puamana.

I woke up in the morning in my latest hair style and I realized it was Sunday.

"Yeah! South shore!!!"

It was Frankie's birthday and there were a bunch of friends. There were also some playful little waves (windswell of the southern hemisphere trade winds). I paddled my Big Kahuna (the 12.6) all the way to Mala, catching a wave at every little break. At Shark pit I caught a couple of waiste high bombs. Nobody out, glassy. I could see so many sea urchins on the bottom... next time I surf there I better keep my feet off the reef.

This one riding the Big Kahuna here below, is aussie Matt celebrating his (slow) recovery from his bad ankle accident one year ago. Still got some screws to go.

With a mum like Carine... can you not be cute?! C'est va Lou Lou?

And how about this other little girl? Don't know her mum, but I bet she's not bad either...

A few trees away Ulrich was celebrating his birthday too. Here he is... look what the hell he set up at the beach!!!

That software is da kine. I'm so gonna buy it!!

While the beers get cold in the cooler...

...somebody plays bocce,

...somebody brought his brand new board,

somebody brought the favorite magazine. It says:"Get a body you'll love by June 1st".

For a body like that, I'll wait even a little longer... No hurry, as long as it shows up one day at my door!

Ulli caught something.

Moroccan windsurfer Bouiamaa Guilloul was ejoying himself. I say him do the craziest jumps at the last Aloha Classic. I gave him some remarkably high marks for that (you know, just to let you know that I was judging).

Frankie shows his love to his dog the French way.

Mike shows his love to his dog the... American way? Mike, what the hell are you doing?

Michelle shows Danny that she likes his shirt... the English way? Oh, boy... I'm getting lost!

This log is getting ready to enjoy the sunset...

...just like these palm trees.

Here's how it started.

And then it got like this.

And then like this.

And then like this.

And then like this.

And then like this.

And then like this.

And then it got dark, but there was still something beautiful worth a photo...

Hey there! It took me more than an hour to do this. Better show some appreciation here!

PS. Thanks to Sharon for some of the photos. Soon she's going to have her own blog (stay tuned for the address). If she gets competitive, I'm not sure she will be still happy to give me her shots. In fact, I already had to steal these ones...


Anonymous said...

Mucho appreciado, Amigo!

cammar said...

The managing editor of Windsurfing magazine ( is a fan of my blog...
Hi Josh, see you in Maui soon!

Anonymous said...

...e senza parole la sequenza del tramonto.
Invidia pura, ma quella positiva.

Andrea said...

nice sunset set, or set sunset :)

taking for sure that you know already GoogleEarth, have you ever thought about releasing placemarks of the various places and spots that you visit and surf?
it could be a nice way to follow your blog (which rocks ^___^ ) from the "belpaese"


Andrea said...

mmhh just checked on GoogleEarth since a while, and Maui is still not covered in high resolution... cazzarola :(

Anonymous said...

cool GP - was a fun filled day. What a sunset eh? we partied with Ulrich until 9pm! he was belting out the tunes under the tiki torches and stars!

see you next weekend!

cammar said...

thanks everybody for leaving comments.
Andrea, my friend Sharon suggested me the same idea of the map. But, as you noticed, it's not really doable.
One thing you can do is to buy my book. There's a surf map with all the spots I mention on this blog...