Friday, April 21, 2006

What a session!

The waves at Kanaha were really good. We received the angular spreading of a big swell mostly headed towards Oregon. I can't believe there was so much energy in it, even though the fetch was not oriented directly towards Hawaii, as you can see from the weather map of 4-17 below. What if we were right in front of it? It would have been too big for lower Kanaha, while Jaws and all the outer reefs would have gone off, I guess...

Anyways, I am pretty happy about my sailing skills lately. In other words, I've never sailed as good as now. For the first time in my life, for example, I went for the lip of a closing out mast high wave. It was an incredible feeling. Looking at the monster from down below during the bottom turn and feeling the confidence and the aggressiveness overcome the fear.
I did the top turn one foot under the lip. Didn't hit it... doesn't matter, I went for it. It was incredible.

Let's talk equipment for a sec.
I'm getting tuned into my new wave board with superthin rails (photo coming soon). That board is quite amazing.
I'm waiting for my new SuperFreak 4.7 to arrive and so I was borrowing a 4.8 "normal" sail. A very good sail, but... so hard and stiff. I can't wait till I go back to the gentle soft feel of the dacron.
Actually I didn't have to wait too long yesterday, because around 4.30 the wind dropped and I put my SF 5.5 on my longboard. And it was another hour of great fun.
At the end it was me, Michelle and three kitesurfers.

Below, a photo from the february photoshoot. It's Jace Panebianco standing on the front of my longboard, still holding his gear. The good thing of his monofilm sail is that it's transparent so you can see the beauty of my SF thru it...

Today, the waves will be smaller, but I predict still plenty of logo high sets. If you plan to go sail Kanaha, watch out for that guy with the board with razor blade rails... I'll be all over the place!
Rest of the world, we're having fun here in Maui! Aloha.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! keep on ripping, as me many other italins living in italy enjoy what u r doin' go on enjoy life every second.

cammar said...

Ciao a tutti in Italia. Salutatemi il Berlusca. Tanto non ve ne siete liberati... La cultura del furbismo e' ancora li'...