Sunday, May 03, 2015

2015 first Indo trip, report n.3. Sunday beach.

Sundays are big time beach days in Bali.

In addition to the tourists in fact, all the locals fill up the beaches. And if it happens that there's a full moon low tide and a lovely sunset, the energy of the various activities goes through the roof. Or through the sky, I should say.

This one sums it up. I'm not a big beer drinker, but I absolutely love the refreshing light taste of the Bintang. What I love most, is the fact that I only drink it in Indo.

Cute little Aussie girl with massive shore break pounding on the background. Waves are pumping and the swell is "only" 6f 13s.

Playing with the shutter time. Couple of seconds for this one, if I remember right.

This morning I did the usual 15m drive to my favorite river mouth to find it absolutely pristine and empty. Both things didn't last long (tide got higher and more surfers paddled out), but I got three perfect waves by myself. Even a right.

In the previous report I mentioned how cool it is to have a smart phone with a navigator on it. Sure enough, as soon as I say that, after 4 years of very honorable service, my Motorola Atrix's wifi decided to not function anymore.
Google query revealed it to be a common problem and provided some home made remedies which unfortunately didn't work.
It might be time for me to finally buy an Apple product. I hope I can transfer all those stars I collected over the years.
9f 15s are confirmed for Wed/Thur.
I was thinking about driving two hours to Medewi, since it's a soft point break wave that usually is half the size of the more easterly spots. But after a fair bit of analysis (god, do I love that!) I might not do that instead. Here some considerations that might interest a very small percentage of the readers, but a very worthy one.

1) most swells in Indo come from 210-225. As you can see from the google earth map below, the shadow of the tip of Java starts at 212. No wonder it's half the size most times. But the Wed swell is from 200 and it will not get shadowed. So it might be just as massive. Still softer than a reef break, but when it's big the current gets really strong. And I'm not a huge fan of strong currents.

2) As posted in the previous report, the trade winds are about to be back and that'll blow it out in the afternoon, which is when the tide is high and that's when the wave is good.

3) 2 hours drive on a bike in Indo is a risky thing to do. Specially considering that without the navigator on the phone, I would get lost FOR SURE.

4) thanks to the more southerly direction than usual, maybe some of the breaks of the Bukit will be less massive/throwy. I'm thinking Impossibles.

Stay tuned for how the big swell plan will pan out (might as well sit it out and take photos), now I got to go catch the other side of the high tide at Airport Left, which I surfed yesterday and it proved once again to be one of the most fun waves I know. If it wasn't for the horde of Japanese surfers.

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