Friday, October 23, 2015

10 23 15 morning call

Nice day of waves on the north shore yesterday. South shore was still smaller than the forecast and what the buoys show.

Hookipa was overhead in the morning during the peak of this NW episode and I took full advantage of that by pulling my step-up off the rack.

This is a funny sequence. I love my expression on the first one.

Below is the graph and readings of the Pauwela buoy. You can see how quickly it went down during the afternoon (windsurfing was fun) and how small it will be today with only a couple of feet leftover. Should be even smaller tomorrow.

This one is the graph of the Barbers buoy instead and it shows (finally) a rise (blue line) to 3f 18s which is a solid reading. More periods in the mix and don't forget that this is the angular spreading of a swell that is more directed towards central America. So expect long lulls.

Yesterday I posted the NON UPDATED 1pm map of Maui County @ 2km. It showed not enough wind for sailing. Later in the morning, the maps got updated and this is the 1pm of YESTERDAY that instead does show the pink 15-20 knots area. And in fact, it was sailable.
In other words, unless they are less than 24h old, the MC@2km maps are kind of useless.
That makes total sense, because their model does take into consideration local weather features (like clouds and rain) and so it can only be reliable for a short time.
I consider it the best wind prediction tool for Maui and since it's not updated when I post my call, you guys will have to check it out yourselves.
I'm done with windguru, as I said, I'm done with the wind prediction. I'll focus on the waves.

Well, maybe I will do a bit of wind prediction based on what I see on the wind map style below.
The direction looks way too onshore to be a good trades day. Once again, check link n.17 later to see what their model say, 'cause that counts way more than what I say.

Bit of a N fetch up there and Olaf that starts saying hello coming out of the shade of the Big Island where it has been sitting for a week or so. Easterly swell in the weekend, we'll talk about it in the next days' call.

Lastly, that's the wave where I took that first shot from. I saw my friend Jason doing a double hand wall grab on a wave and immediately got inspired to try it myself...

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Ilan artzy said...

That looked super cool and fun! Nice moves Giampaolo and thanks for the report.