Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wednesday 2 13 19 morning call

A SUP foiling, a longboard and a shortboard session for me yesterday. This is a photo from the big Sunday by John Patao. That wave is a beast. look at how wide the barrel is.

These are the shots of from yesterday instead. I love the smile of Chris in this one.


Harbor provided some fun waves again. Sorry if it's getting repetitive, but that's where I spend most of the day these days, 'cause that's where the action is.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore
2.1ft @ 13s from 239° (WSW)

I feel like questioning the direction at Lanai, but there seem to be a wrap from the west which should give small waves to Kihei and possibly Ukumehame. I have a low confidence factor on this one.

North shore
13.9ft @ 13s from 34° (NE)

11.4ft @ 12s from 20° (NNE)

8.2ft @ 13s from 5° (N)
6.2ft @ 11s from 7° (N)
6ft @ 10s from 3° (N)

With the storm's NW energy gone and with the new NNE energy rising at all buoys, we obviously look at the buoys that can give us some significant information. In the epic post Buoys to Maui travel times and Maui's shadow lines we learn that the N buoy sits at 212nm and at a 42 degrees from Maui and that the travel time at 13s is 10.5h. Below is the collage of the graphs of N and Pauwela together with the Surfline forecast. The first one shows a peak around 10pm yesterday, which should correspond to a peak locally mid morning. Surfline has a different prediction, with the swell on the rise all day and staying steady and elevated (11f 15s). Obviously, we trust the buoys better. Plenty big waves on tap also today, and also today a sheltered spot will be the call.

Wind map at noon.

North shore has a pretty decent WNW fetch and the nearby NNE one.

Nothing from the south.

Morning sky. Raining at my house as I type this.

The radar at 6.15am shows plenty rain N of us.

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