Monday, March 28, 2005

Monday 3-28: Forecast

waves (short term): NW buoy: 7 feet, 8 sec; Waimea buoy 6 feet, 8 sec, 0-30 degrees. That's still an ugly wind swell. And it's still the only swell recorded by these two buoys! Now I know I don't need to tell you anymore that surf is gonna suck...
waves (long term): as I am writing since a few days, surfers, you're done for a while. Strong NE wind will blow this coming week and make for a high, rough, unrideable windswell. Around Tuesday a medium swell from NW will arrive and last for a few days. But, with that strong wind, it will only be good for wavesailing. The models keep showing another storm forming off Japan in about 24 hours that will send another NW swell around the end of this coming week... just in time for the finals of the PWA contest at Hookipa!
South pacific still kind of sleepy. That decent storm in the Tasman sea that sent a swell to Tahiti and French Polinesia is moving east and looks like it will send some big stuff to south America (Chile, Peru). Nothing for us.
wind: Strong trades for the whole next week.
sky: The front is gone, but it left a bunch of clouds. Squally day.
Kahului tides: High 3.19am 1.4 feet, Low 9.32am 0.1 feet, High 4.29pm 2.2 feet, Low 11.31pm 0.5 feet.

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