Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thursday 3-24: Forecast

waves (short term): the new NW swell arrived yesterday afternoon. It will peak this morning and steadily decline during today and Friday. The Waimea buoy is at 7 feet, 15 sec around 4 am and the NW buoy is down to 7 feet, 14 sec (after having recorded 10 feet yesterday afternoon).
waves (long term): The models (and uncle Pat) confirm that a WNW pulse will overlap to the existing swell sometimes Friday and during the weekend, but the bad news is that now they show a fetch of N wind on the east side of an high pressure cell forming after the passage of a front Friday night. This will bring a moderate N windswell and onshore wind that will completely mess up the waves during the weekend. Better get on it today and Friday! It could be the last good winter one...
wind: light SSE with afternoon sea breezes. Kona wind on Friday. Strong N to NE winds during the weekend.
sky: mostly sunny
Kahului tides: Low 8.04am 0.2 feet. High 1.50pm 1.7 feet. Low 7.74pm 0.2 feet.

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