Friday, March 25, 2005

waves (short term): the NW swell arrived Wednesday afternoon has peaked yesterday and now i slowly declining. The Waimea buoy is at 4-5 feet, 13 sec around 4 am and the NW buoy is at 5 feet, 12 sec. Hey, that's still a lot of fun for me! Get on it today. It's gonna be super glassy in the morning and it will be the last good surfing day for at least a week, since the trade winds are about to be back and there's nothing happening on the south shore.
waves (long term): A WNW swell will overlap to the existing swell sometimes Friday and during the weekend, but strong N to NE winds will create unrideable conditions. Then it will came from a more NW during next week. An additional pulse from NNE generated by a low off the Oregon coast will overlap too at the beginning of the week and the breakers will be overly confused.
wind: Kona wind before the pass of the cold front. Strong N to NE winds after it (Saturday).
sky: expect rain towards the end of the day
Kahului tides: Low 8.23am 0.1 feet. High 2.24pm 1.7 feet. Low 8.38pm 0.3 feet.

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