Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tuesday 3-22: Forecast

short term waves: the NW and Waimea buoys are down to 3-4 feet, 11 sec. The Laniakea webcam still shows some glassy and fun head high sets. For what I have observed, Laniakea and Hookipa are often similar size... So, there's a chance to keep your paddling muscles greased waiting for the new NW swell that should hit tomorrow (no sign at the NW buoy yet).
long term waves: this morning the models show a storm that will start spinning just east of Japan around Thursday. It will have a fetch of fairly strong winds pushing waves towards us from a very west direction. One of those directions that will be big time shadowed by all the upstream islands. The Wailea coast could get some unshadowed energy, though. This swell should arrive sometimes in the weekend. Too early to get excited now... The organizers of the PWA windsurfing contest at Hookipa should get excited though, because it seems that, after a few more days of light trades, and a couple of days of southerly light winds around Thursday, after the passage of a front the wind should be strong from NE in the weekend and then a high pressure should sit N of the islands at the beginning of next week, giving the best sailors in the world some good trades to play with...
wind: light trades
sky: mostly sunny
Kahului tides: Low 7.30am 0.3 feet. High 12.46pm 1.4 feet. Low 6.29pm 0.3 feet.

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