Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tuesday 3-29: Forecast

waves (short term): NW buoy: 7 feet, 8 sec, plus 3 feet, 16sec; Waimea buoy 6 feet, 9sec, 0-30 degrees plus 1 foot, 20sec, 320 degrees. That's still the ugly wind swell, but there's the first signs of the long ago forecasted NW ground swell. This last one, should rise today and peak tomorrow and last thru Friday. Considering the strong trade winds, surf is still gonna suck!
waves (long term): Strong NE wind will blow this coming week and make for a high, rough, unrideable windswell. As said above, there will be a NW ground swell around, but it won't be big enough to overcome the roughness of the ugly windswell. Maybe Honolua bay. The models today show another storm forming off Japan and that will send another NW swell around the end of this coming week... quite small this time.
South pacific still kind of sleepy. Actually it's not sleepy at all. It is just sending swells towards south America and not us.
wind: Strong trades for the whole next week. Super strong towards the weekend.
sky: The front is gone, but there's still a bunch of clouds left. Another squally day on the north shore.
Kahului tides: High 3.51am 1.2 feet, Low 10.01am 0.1 feet, High 5.25pm 2.2 feet.

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