Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday 3-26: Forecast

waves (short term): shitty onshore conditions will rule today. The NW buoy is at 7 feet and 8 sec and the Waimea buoy is 6 feet, 10 sec. That's a damn wind swell. Wonna surf today? Buy a surfing magazine or DVD, roll one and have fun!
waves (long term): surfers, you're done for a while. Strong NE wind will blow this coming week and make for a high, rough, unrideable windswell. Around Tuesday a medium swell from NW will arrive and last for a few days. But, with that strong wind, it will only be good for wavesailing.
wind: North wind expected to veer towards NE tomorrow and blow trades for the whole next week.
sky: rain, rain, rain.
Kahului tides: High 2.21am 1.8 feet, Low 8.44am 0.1 feet, High 3.01pm 2 feet, Low 9.26pm 0.4 feet.

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