Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thursday 3 31: Forecast

waves (short term): NW buoy: 7 feet, 9sec, plus 4 feet, 14sec; Waimea buoy 5 feet, 8sec, 15-30 degrees plus 3 feet, 14sec, 310-320 degrees. That's still the ugly wind swell, with a small NW ground swell peaking up today. Trade winds still pumping, getting stronger tomorrow into the weekend. Decent wavesailing and poor surfing. Maybe Honolua bay.
waves (long term): Strong trade winds keep blowing, even stronger towards the weekend and make for a high, rough, unrideable windswell. There will be a couple of bumps during the weekend from NW and from NNE during the weekend. Nothing too exciting, though.
South pacific still sending swells towards south America and not us.
wind: Strong trades for the rest of the week. Annoingly stronger in the weekend.
sky: Clouds over the islands today. Pretty squally on the north shore!
Kahului tides: Low 3.18am 0.5 feet, High 5.32am 0.8 feet, Low 11.23am 0.2 feet, High 7.48pm 2.2 feet.

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