Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wednesday 3-30: Forecast

waves (short term): NW buoy: 7 feet, 9sec, plus 4 feet, 14sec; Waimea buoy 5 feet, 8sec, 10-30 degrees plus 2 feet, 15sec, 305-320 degrees. That's still the ugly wind swell, but NW ground swell built up a little bit. Not enough, I would say... Trade winds still pumping. Good wavesailing and poor surfing. Maybe Honolua bay.
waves (long term): Strong trade winds keep blowing, even stronger towards the weekend and make for a high, rough, unrideable windswell. Next storm formed off Japan has been quite weak and should only send a bump from WNW during the weekend. At the same time, another storm is spinning off the coast of Canada and that might send a bump from N, always during the weekend.
South pacific still sending swells towards south America and not us.
wind: Strong trades for the whole next week. Super strong towards the weekend.
sky: The last weekend's front is gone and the leftover clouds are not that many anymore. Still squalls on the north shore, but not as many as last two days!
Kahului tides: Low 1.06am 0.6 feet, High 4.28am 0.9 feet, Low 10.35am 0.1 feet, High 6.32pm 2.2 feet.

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