Thursday, March 17, 2005

report + forecast

I surfed Hookipa around noon and I sucked! Waves were a little disorganized and I could not read them. Geez, I'm so spoiled by the usual clean conditions we have... Fortunately, a nice swell is on the way and tomorrow it should be fun. The wind will be light trade in the afternoon, but I predict glassy conditions in the morning. At 10pm the NW buoy shows 6 feet (Surfline) and 17 sec and the Waimea buoy 2 feet and 20 sec from around 225 degrees. Unfortunately, there's still a 6 feet, 9 sec swell from 360 that will overlap, but... what the hell, there's waves! Dawn patrol should be not too crowded, considering that someone will be hung over from St. Patrick's day celebration. But, you know, hard core surfers don't get drunk the night before a new swell arrive and go to sleep pretty early. Good night.

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