Saturday, October 16, 2021

Saturday 10 16 21 morning call

Kanaha yesterday. I keep doing my downwingers, I'm completely addicted. Yesterday's relatively light wind (15-20 knots), relatively big wing (4.2 F1) and very fast foil (Arrmstrong 850 with V200 tail)  combo was killer.

6am Surfline significant buoy readings and discussion.
South shore
1.7ft @ 13s from 219° (SW)

Barbers keeps showing somewhat decent energy from the southerly quadrants, but I learned that that is not as meaningful as if Lanai would show it. So please check the Lahaina webcam if interested, for size, conditions and consistency.

North shore
2.1ft @ 12s from 335° (NNW)

1.6ft @ 13s from 330° (NW)

Kaneohe Bay
5.3ft @ 8s from 64° (ENE)

Very modest NW energy at the upstream buoys, the windswell will continue to be the dominant and most noticeable energy in the local waters. Home guess for Hookipa is around shoulder high, bigger on eastern exposures.

Forecast of Pauwela from this PACIOOS page.

Wind map at noon. The other ones can be found here (click on animation of the 10 meter column).

Fetches map
(circles legend: red: direct aim, blue: angular spreading, black: blocked, yellow: possibly over the ice sheet) from Windy.
North Pacific
(about 4 days travel time from the NW corner of the North Pacific):

South Pacific
(about 7 days travel time from east/west of New Zealand):

Morning sky.