Saturday, October 23, 2021

Saturday 10 23 21 morning call

Hookipa yesterday. Photo by Jimmie Hepp from this album. That is Andres Martinez, owner of Ding King and shaper of my wingfoil board. We also designed together my next SUP foiling board that should be ready soon.

4am Surfline significant buoy readings and discussion.
South shore
No southerly energy at Barbers. Check the Lahaina webcam if interested, for size, conditions and consistency. Based on the fetches of a week ago, there shouldn't be much.

North shore

7ft @ 13s from 355° (N)
3.4ft @ 8s from 11° (NNE)
2.6ft @ 10s from 358° (N)


6.9ft @ 13s from 354° (N)
4.5ft @ 9s from 358° (N)


6.7ft @ 13s from 4° (N)
5ft @ 10s from 353° (N)

Kaneohe Bay
3ft @ 6s from 70° (ENE)

As predicted, new N energy picked up at all the buoys. Below are the maps of Oct 19 through 22. As you can see, there's sources that follow each other spaced about a couple of days. Home guess for Hookipa and most of the north shore is around head and a half with bigger sets.

Forecast of Pauwela from this PACIOOS page.

Wind map at noon. The other ones can be found here (click on animation of the 10 meter column).

Fetches map
(circles legend: red: direct aim, blue: angular spreading, black: blocked, yellow: possibly over the ice sheet) from Windy.
North Pacific
(about 4 days travel time from the NW corner of the North Pacific):

South Pacific
(about 7 days travel time from east/west of New Zealand):

Morning sky.

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