Sunday, September 13, 2015

9 13 15 morning call

Nothing to report from yesterday, so let's jump straight into the buoys.

5.5ft @ 7s from 69° (ENE)
1.4ft @ 3s from 80° (E)
1ft @ 13s from 76° (ENE)
0.3ft @ 16s from 47° (NE)

2.2ft @ 6s from 154° (SSE)
1.3ft @ 9s from 168° (SSE)
1.1ft @ 11s from 184° (S)
0.8ft @ 18s from 196° (SSW)
The trades are up (specially today), so a bit of windswell is showing up at the Pauwela buoy. Enough to get the kids at Pavils and the kiters/windsurfers at Upper Kanaha entertained.
But what I like is the 18s reading at the Barbers Point buoy. It's less than a foot, but it means that the energy is starting to arrive.

Below are the weather maps of the following days of September: 6,7 and 8, so you can see how the fetch developed. It is a very southerly one, so the arrival will be inconsistent due to the long travel. But there will be waves on the south shore from tonight for three/four days. And after that, two more south swells back to back.

So the south shore will be the place to be this week, also because there's absolutely nothing on the north shore. The wind map below shows that low NW of us that will continue to do nothing for us.
There's also a decent fetch down south and that is south swell number 3 that will hit in a week.

The trades are back I was saying and that is confirmed by the MC2km map at noon.

In case you're planning a sunset surf, here's the same map at 6pm. The 1000 peaks area should be strong offshore, so you (we) might have to drive all the way to Lahaina that will have a bit of onshore.
Strong trades are never good, they make the south shore onshores stronger. It is already blow out in Lahaina at 8am, actually.


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