Friday, September 04, 2015

9 4 15 mornig call

Double surf session at Hookipa for me yesterday. It was fun, I don't have photos of it.

5.8ft @ 15s from 112° (ESE)
5.7ft @ 10s from 18° (NNE)
2.1ft @ 12s from 112° (ESE)

7.9ft @ 13s from 115° (ESE)
4.1ft @ 10s from 110° (ESE)

5.1ft @ 12s from 93° (E)
4.9ft @ 14s from 97° (E)
3.3ft @ 9s from 69° (ENE)

2.9ft @ 17s from 191° (SSW)
2.3ft @ 9s from 208° (SSW)

Mixed of periods from the east (Jimena) and beautiful 3f 17s south swell. I would go south, but I can't , so I'll surf Hookipa (photo report soon).

Little fetches from the hurricane trio all around us plus a beautiful fetch in the tasman sea aiming waves at Fiji. That fetch is going to cross over New Zealand and provide us with a better angle the next few days. South swell next weekend (in addition to this weekend).

The wind is going to be light in the morning. It should pick up a notch by mid day as the MC2km map at 1pm shows. Maybe sailable?

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