Saturday, September 19, 2015

9 19 15 morning call

Yesterday in Lahaina the late morning session was MUCH better than the early morning one.
It's rare, but it happens. I scored a super fun session with waist to chest high waves with only two other guys.

4.3ft @ 8s from 53° (ENE)
2ft @ 5s from 52° (ENE)
0.9ft @ 13s from 86° (E)
2.9ft @ 14s from 179° (S)
1.2ft @ 6s from 146° (SE)
1ft @ 9s from 167° (SSE)

1ft @ 7s from 165° (SSE)

Small windswell on the north shore and still 3f 14s on the south. I got a board to try (thanks Tyler!) and have to work at 9, so I'm heading to Lahaina early. Check the cam if the sun is out before leaving.

Trades will be easterly.

Not much on the ocean right now, only a small fetch down south.

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