Sunday, September 20, 2015

9 20 15 morning call


 The photo below is from yesterday's morning session in Lahaina. Clean conditions.

5.5ft @ 8s from 67° (ENE)
1.6ft @ 4s from 59° (ENE)
0.8ft @ 13s from 88° (E)

2.6ft @ 13s from 174° (S)
1.5ft @ 16s from 186° (S)
1.4ft @ 7s from 145° (SE)
1.3ft @ 9s from 164° (SSE)
Still windswell + residual south swell. Noaa is calling this for Oahu:"Surf along south facing shores will be 4 to 6 feet today, rising to 5 to 7 feet this evening through Monday.".
I don't see anything of the new south pulse at the buoy and I believe those numbers will be a lot smaller for Maui. But tomorrow there should be something.

Gonna be a windy day. Tomorrow even windier.

And no fetches oriented towards us at all in the whole big Pacific Ocean: bad news. We're heading for a period of no waves, other than windswell. Hang in there, winter will come at one point.

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