Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9 16 15 morning call

Fun surfing on the south shore yesterday.
Lahaina had onshore wind at dawn, but then it cleaned up as the photo below shows.


This is from the day before. Sunnier and glassier. I did not go right on that one.


4.5ft @ 8s from 71° (ENE)
1.8ft @ 5s from 59° (ENE)
1.2ft @ 11s from 10° (N)
0.6ft @ 14s from 11° (NNE)
2.7ft @ 14s from 189° (S)
2ft @ 9s from 192° (SSW)
1.8ft @ 6s from 135° (SE)
South swell went down, but it's still there.
The trades will blow.

Not much going on fetchwise, just a weak NW one.

I'll try to post a report from the south shore later as the lahaina webcam shows minimal energy. This swell has been very inconsistent. Enjoy your day.

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