Monday, September 28, 2015

9 28 15 morning call

Double surf session yesterday.
The morning one at Hookipa was mostly paddling training, the afternoon one was in beautiful head high brown water waves. Surfers Matt Mercado and Tide Rivers got two beautiful barrels. It was a lot of fun.

8ft @ 8s from 49° (NE)
1.4ft @ 3s from 68° (ENE)
3.4ft @ 6s from 123° (ESE)
2.6ft @ 9s from 168° (SSE)
1.5ft @ 12s from 174° (S)
0.4ft @ 22s from 178° (S)
Windswell went down a bit as the graph below shows, but at 8f 8s it's still pumping.
Strong trades in the forecast again, but once again, the clouds/rain will make them go up and down.
That big storm SE of us disappeared, but look at how many clouds are around us anyway.
The main fetch for today is still the windswell one, even though there are a small south one and a small north one. This last one is going to move and contribute to the formation of a bigger north fetch in the next couple of days. Pretty big (7f 12s on surfline) N swell for the weekend.

We know that the long term forecasts are unreliable, but this one is so peculiar that I want to share it anyway. We'll check if it happens or not. Two big storms west of us will very slowly move east and provide us with continuos energy from W-SW for a whole week.
I'm loving these unusual patterns. They bring a touch of variety and inspire me to get creative with finding the right spot. Happy hunting everyone!

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