Friday, September 18, 2015

9 18 15 morning call

Small waves on the south shore and small windswell on the north shore yesterday.

4.8ft @ 7s from 47° (NE)
1.7ft @ 10s from 63° (ENE)
0.5ft @ 15s from 64° (ENE)

2.9ft @ 15s from 193° (SSW)
1.7ft @ 9s from 168° (SSE)
1.6ft @ 7s from 156° (SSE)
Barbers went up, but I don't see much at the Lahaina cam below. It's probably inconsistent because it's the start of a far away generated swell. One thing the buoys don't tell is how consistent a swell is.

No fetches in the north Pacific (other than the trades' windswell), the one on top of New Zealand is staying on top of New Zealand hence won't do much for us. But there's another one well east of it that will send a small swell next Friday.


These long term maps are extremely unreliable, but since everybody seems to like the panic associated with a close hurricane, this is the map for October 1st. We'll keep an eye on it.
Should be another windy one, as the MC2km map at noon shows below.

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