Tuesday, September 22, 2015

9 22 15 morning call

Second day in three days in which the late morning session in Lahaina was MUCH better than the early one.

The photos below show surfer Bennett De Beer in a Taj Burrowish bottom to top turn sequence.

I had the camera on narrow angle and that's why those photos from the channel came out ok.
Unfortunately later on I had it on wide and even though I was right behind what I personally consider Maui's hottest girl while getting caught inside by a big set, and the duck dive shot below came out too far away.

I sent an improvement suggestion to gopro to make the settings side button programmable so that one can switch from narrow to wide angle and viceversa with one click. I attached the photo to convince them...

5.1ft @ 8s from 80° (E)           
2.7ft @ 4s from 68° (ENE)
4ft @ 13s from 178° (S)
3.3ft @ 6s from 121° (ESE)


When a south swell hits 4f, the shadowing of Kahoolawe is less and Maui gets decent size. I heard Makena side was good too and I might go there this morning before work, since I got up nice and early. We'll see. The decision will be made on the highway.
Don't miss the south shore action today, tomorrow is going to be smaller.

Should be another windy day according to the windguru table. What I like is the kona wind forecasted towards the end of the period.
Not much going on at the moment. Just a couple of small fetches. The low that I indicated with the arrow is going to turn into a strong storm that will provide us will the first winter caliber NW swell of the season around Oct 2-3.

You can see it in the model's forecast for Oct 30 below and even though it's 8 days ahead, I think it's gonna happen.
Nice secondary low north of the island will stop the trades and provide lovely light kona conditions.
Can't wait.
If the forecast stays like that, I'm even calling a "small" opening day at Jaws.

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