Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1 13 15 morning call

Stunningly beautiful day of no to light wind and small waves yesterday at Hookipa.

Days like that only happen once or twice during a whole year and for me it's imperative to celebrate them with the right equipment. Like the 8.2 Boss Frog's softie I just got for a price that I can't even mention! Thanks Jimmie Hepp for being always out there!

Today the story will be different. We're back to normal with some bigger waves.
That's how a weather map of the north pacific should look like in the middle of the winter.

But that's not how the weather map of the south pacific should look like in the middle of their summer!!!

In the photo below, those two fetches (in case you're sill learning how to spot them on a weather map). They mean: a large NW swell in three days and a small S swell in seven.

What about today?
Below are the three graphs of the buoys we care about for the NW swells (if you click on it, you'll be able to read the numbers). The Pauwela one is reading 6.5f 15s from 330 at 5am and it seems not to have peaked yet. Looking at the other buoys it also seems that the period will go down rather quickly.
But the morning will have some powerful waves, that's for sure.
No wind again, big waves are A LOT easier to ride if they're clean. So maybe in the end, I will wait for the sun to come out and have a look at Hookipa... so expect a photo/report later.

Still some confusion among the readers about the buoys. Below is a map that shows where they are located (taken by this page on surfline).
And this is MY rule of thumb to calculate the travelling time. For a swell from 320, it takes roughly 12h from the NW to the Pauwela buoy if the period is 16. It takes roughly 16h if the period is 12s.
Everything in between can be interpolated. If the swell is more west, it's gonna take longer (and get heavy shadowing), if it is more north, it will take less.
Would love to talk more about this, but I got to go surf.

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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