Saturday, January 24, 2015

1 24 15 morning call

Yet another phenomenal day of surfing yesterday. How many times have I started my morning call with a similar sentence this month?
January has been truly amazing. It usually is.

Quick recap of my yesterday.
After the SUP lesson, I found the energies to surf Lanes. The buoy was reading 8f 15s and that's as big as I ever surfed it. I might have to get a gun if I want to beat this new record...
Below is a photo of The Point to show you size and pristine conditions with the light Kona. It was so good that John John has been spotted in the lineup... he must have seen the Kona in the forecast. Or maybe he reads my blog...
Time stamp says 1pm, that's when I had to go to work.

But I knew that windsurfing would happen and I knew Jimmie Hepp was going to be there to shoot.
This is Robby Swift and when I first saw the shot I immediately thought it was Polakow... and that is a hell of a compliment!

On tap today more extra large waves. The three graphs below show the new swell peaking at the NW buoy at 6pm yesterday around 18f 15s from 290. Quite a quick drop in size after that though.
Seen the direction, I hope you guys know now that that means shadowing and refracting for both Oahu and Maui and that means less size and consistency (thank god!).
Bit harder than usual to guess with such direction, but my guess is that the peak in Maui will happen around noon. At what size, I'm not even gonna try... it's already 10.7f 15s at 5am.
I didn't buy a gun during the night, so I'm not gonna surf Hookipa and I will probably leave in the dark in search of a surfable spot, so no report from the beach today.

Below is the wind map that shows a good fetch and a bad one.
The bad one is the one close to us, because when it's too close it brings a lot of active components: chop and wind. That's what is going to happen sometimes in the morning today and that's why if you want to end this amazing streak of top class surfing on a good note, you better be out there at dawn today.

The rest of the day will be straight onshore and total shit on the north shore. But this is an island, by definition there will be spots where it will be side shore. I'm putting the windsurf board in the car just in case...

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