Thursday, January 29, 2015

1 29 15 morning call





The MC @ 2km forecast yesterday called for more wind than it really was. Despite being the most reliable model, this shows that a forecast can ALWAYS be wrong.
But it was glassy both at dawn (for many hours, actually) and at sunset and both of them saw same really clean waves to be ridden.
Tons of people in the water thanks to the non scary size, which was averaging around the head and a half mark. Some DOHeader occasionally.

The photo of Jimmie Hepp below illustrates the average size quite well, even though it was taken in the windy central section of the day.

The graph of the three buoys below shows that the swell should hold pretty steady throughout the day (smaller than yesterday though). Pauwela is reading 4.5f at 15s and that's still overhead and fun.

Wind conditions will be ideal (light offshore) in the early morning and probably a bit stronger SW in the afternoon. The wind map also shows a northerly wide fetch that will provide waves in next few days. The original direction of the swells will turn from WNW that has been dominant for the last couple of weeks to a more common NW and even NNW towards the beginning of next week.

In the closeup we can see that small aread of slightly strnger Konas that might move over Maui in the afternoon.

As a result, both the MC @ 2km at 3pm and the NAM model on Windguru call for some wind that could be possibly sailable. Port tack specialists, stay ready.
If it's not today, it looks that it will be next week.

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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