Thursday, January 15, 2015

1 15 15 morning call

It's starting to get repetitive, but yesterday was another epic day of surfing.

The shots from Jimmie Hepp below should confirm you that. Jimmie shoots pretty much every day and if you follow the link to his facebook page, you'll see the whole gallery of those shots.


Weather maps kinda starting to be repetitive too. It's been roughly a month that we had a consistent fetch NW of us generating swells and that is not going to change any time soon. Thank you mother Earth for that.

The image below shows how long that NW fetch is. It also shows a couple of small fetches down south. The one I named T is in the Tasman Sea and will generate a decent swell for Fiji, which I also marked on the map, in case someone is curious to know where those wonderful islands are.
That means, that the south shore won't be flat next week.

The usual three buoys below show the following.
Maui has 4.2ft @ 12s from 335° at 5am and that is yet again a very fun head highish size. No wind again, epic surf again.

The NW buoys reads 10.4ft @ 13s from 296° and that is big and very west. I put an arrow on when this pulse peaked and that means that in Maui we'll have the same peak after sunset. But an increase in size will be seen also before that. How much and how consistent it's a really hard call. 296 is a direction that gets heavily shadowed by all the upstream islands, so this time I am not going to call the reading at the Maui buoy at 6pm, like I did the other time.
Ok, I like the challenge too much and I have fun with it, so I'll call it anyway: 6f 13s from 322 at 6pm. I got lucky last time, I'll be way off this time.
Something I do have more confidence on is that that swell is going to hit the Kihei coast. Actually it might hit all the way to Lahaina. I had to go to Lahaina yesterday to see a doctor for my sore back and thousand peaks had beautiful glassy uncrowded waist high waves already (swell had turned west already).
The Lanai buoy reads 2.6ft @ 12s from 272° (W), you may want to keep an eye on it. If not tonight, I'm calling Kihei with waves tomorrow.
I actually just checked a webcam and there's a nice 13s shore break.

My back is a lot better, not sure I'm gonna surf, but I'll go check Hookipa anyway, so stay tuned for a photo/report.
Have fun in the sun everyone!

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