Sunday, January 18, 2015

1 18 15 morning call

yesterday was another incredible day of pristine surfing conditions (how many in January already??!).
At least in the early morning before the swell went up again and some light sideonish trades picked up.
I surfed the spot below at dawn and it was about 10 times better than that! Photo by the usual Jimmie Hepp. You can contact him through his facebook page if you want to subscribe to his photos (that means, if you want him to take photos of you).

The wind got strong enough for a few talented sailors to venture out, Jimmie got photos on his page.
Sorry if I forgot to mention that possibility, but I'm so focused on the awesome surfing that I tend to forget about the wind. Plus, without the MC @ 2Km website, there's no reliable local wind prediction anymore. All you can do is to go on Windguru, scroll down to the two short term forecasts. If the direction in there (anything between 75 and 90 has a chance) and the strength is at least 8-10, then if it's sunny there's a chance.
Cool, I told you how to do it, now I can focus on the waves.

Let's have a look at today's wind map. To the left, the almost semi-permanent WNW fetch. That is partially responsible for the BIG swell of Wednesday/Thursday. But if you want to know how it is going to unfold, you MUST read uncle Pat's forecast (link n.9).
The map also shows a light easterly flow over the islands, so there is a chance of trade winds also today.

Below is the three buys graphs.
I highlighted the peaks (the waimea and pauwela ones being unusually close in time) and from now on, the waves are going to slowly decline all the way Sunday and Monday. Then Tuesday in the late morning they will start coming up again.
That is going to be a very interesting swell. The biggest (BY FAR) of this winter so far, but from such an extreme westerly direction that is going to be really fun to try to score waves in unusual spots. I got a couple in my mind already...

Well, what else is there to say? Maui is 7f 14s at 6am. I wanted to leave in the dark, but I'm late, so I'll have time to possibly take a photo of Hookipa and post it.
But do you really still need it? It's 7f 14s and there's no wind... that means big head and half up to doh (which I use for Double Over Head when I post from the phone) clean waves. Someone will be out. Most likely not me.

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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