Thursday, January 22, 2015

1 22 15 morning call

The big swell hit and it did not disappoint.

I timed the first two sessions beautifully. Third one was a mistake and a waste of time/energy. Never stop learning...

This is how Hookipa looked at the end my early morning session. You can guess I had a blast. That was right before the first DOH sets started to hit around 9-10am

And while I only caught three good waves in my second session (timed perfectly before the sunset crowd showed up), they all had - believe it or not - a Fijian feel to it.
Kai Lenny instead did a bunch of disciplines at Jaws and this photo from John Patao is the best SUP shot I've ever seen. That kid is a freak.


Today. Below are the three buoys. On a slow decline, but still waves today. The direction went 10 degrees more north at the NW buoy, maybe that will compensate the decreasing size on Maui's north shore.
Please notice the effect of energy dissipation due to the travelling and the shadowing/refracting. The NW buoy hit 20f, the Waimea one 12, the Maui one 10.

This is today's weather map that shows another impressive fetch. I might have to agree that calling the Jaws contest off today was a good idea (not seeing as much energy in the water in the webcams... sorry, I'm late this morning. Too much surfing yesterday!!!), but Saturday's swell coming out of this puppy will have a much better direction and be much more consistent.
The wind might be an issue though...

This is today's wind map that shows that huge fetch and the lack of wind around Maui. Notice how the ESE flow is east of us and the WSW is to the west. They both are going to move east, so there's a chance for some Kona winds this afternoon. Just in case you like offshore instead of glassy...

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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