Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Tuesday 4 2 19 morning call

The funding campaign for the new Lahaina harbor webcam has raised $1130. Thanks a lot and let's keep them coming. I'm gonna start my posts with an update like this until it reaches its goal of $2,000. Please donate to the page, not to me. I have nothing to do with this campaign, other than the fact that I totally support the cause.

Two shortboard sessions for me yesterday with conditions oscillating between 7 and 9, depending on the moment. Here's the photos I took between them.

Here's one from my second session, more blue walls to ride. It's been amazingly good the last 10 days or so, mostly thanks to the lack of winds.

3-4am significant buoy readings
South shore
2.5ft @ 13s from 209° (SSW)
1.4ft @ 18s from 216° (SW)
Exciting readings at Lanai. I'm not sure where the 13s energy is coming from, but I'm glad it's there to give a little more consistency to the real star of the day, which is the 18s energy. 1.4ft in open ocean CAN turn into chest to head high stuff at the right breaks. Below is the fetches map of March 26th and it shows the strong fetch in Tasman Sea that made a swell that lit up Fiji on its way.

I don't think we'll see waves quite like this Cloudbreak one (which I posted already last Saturday), but there should be some really clean lines on the south facing shores today. Also, this is a classic example of "under the radar" swell (not many other forecast websites have it) and with plenty waves on the north shore too. That means that it will be fairly uncrowded. At least, I hope!

North shore
8.4ft @ 13s from 332° (NNW)            

7.2ft @ 13s from 311° (NW)

4.4ft @ 14s from 315° (NW)

3.6ft @ 14s from 316° (NW)
2.8ft @ 9s from 83° (E)
Pauwela starts the day with a relatively low (but still fun size in the water) reading, but, as the collage below of the graphs of the reported buoys plus the Surfline forecast shows, it's about to come up again all day.

I  believe this new pulse comes from the fetch that is highlighted in the below map of March 31st, but there has been so many lately that for sure their energy is overlapping in the water. Unforuntately, there will be a little bit of wind on it, starting from the very early morning.
"Don't get used to this you guys, because sooner or later it'll go back to the usual shit!" was the warning I spoke often in the unusually glassy 8am lineups last week... Well it will for the next few days, but only temporarily.

Wind map at noon. Not a regular trades direction, too much from the NE to be properly amplified by the Haleakala (ENE would be much better). Kihei will have stronger winds and hopefully relieve some of the frustration of the wind-addicted vacationers and locals.

The two fetches we saw yesterday in the North Pacific merged into a long one, but unfortunately now aiming to the N of us. We'll still get some angular spreading and I would definitely not worry about the lack of waves these days.

South Pacific offers scattered fetches. I didn't feel like circling any, as I don't think any will do much for us.

Morning sky.

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