Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hookipa + bit of sup

Photos from yesterday.



Side A (might be worth clicking on it...).





Side B.



Downwinder season started, that's at least a 14 footer.

Mystery Bob.

Check out this great video of Laird at Hanalei.

Last saturday there was a paddling race from Maui to Molokai.
Big congratulations to Connor Baxter who won the standup category. Nice reports in this standupzone forum thread.

Allright, someone sent me this photo of this lovely lady from the south shore... thanks!

Just finished watching the final at the ASP surf contest in Brazil. Congratulations to Jadson Andre for winning his first WCT event ever in front of the home crowd and against the best surfer of all times Kelly Slater.

I'm noticing a shift similar to the one happening in windsurfing: surfers are now throwing all kind of rotations in their turns. Sometimes a bit unnecessary and/or overscored. I might be a bit old school, but for me a big bottom/top turn combo with a lot of spray should still be the highest scoring maneuver (other then barrels, of course). Not many of those available in the small and mushy conditions at Imbituba, that's why an air reverse master like Jadson could prevail.

Anyway, after three contests, Kelly is now leading the rankings. Quite a break in the action now, since the next contest is Jeffrey's Bay in July.

PS. Just seen on this brand new way of polluting the ocean. Damn, do we really need shit like that?!?


Anonymous said...

thanks GP
Laird's video it's amazing..fantastic...really something special....and defenitly poetic !

Anonymous said...

Both sides are awesome!!! :-) I love this kind of picture!

millhead said...

Thanks for the A & B side pics...yes, it was worth clicking on. I remain envious of your opportunities.

Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Hey GP,

Thanks for sides A & B, and also for making Mystery Bob famous on your blog. He's a great guy and deserves the recognition! I love his spirit and his great portrait shots he posts on the Hotsails Maui site:

All the best,