Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mark on fire

Hookipa saturday afternoon.

Levi, Kauli, Camille and Boujmaa were missing in action, nonetheless the show was pretty good, mostly thanks to Mark Angulo's stellar performance.
He landed three of his Mutant air 360 off the lip (at least I saw three...), did a couple of wave rides with the clew first (which I didn't photograph, because I didn't want to miss out the technique... sorry!) throwing spray at every top turn and overall sailed very inspired.

This is the first one I saw, perfectly landed on the face of the wave.

These are the other photos, in chronological order.
John Skye was having a little contest with his British/Irish buddies. The judging committee (some of the girlfriends) declared him winner. And I agree.

Josh Stone. One of his many perfectly dry forward loops.

John continues to goyter his way towards triumph.


Lalo was in jumping mode.




Cookie again on a substantial wave.

Beautiful hair.

They're all hoping that thing will send a wave.

Andre Paskowsky on another substantial wave.

Get the hell out the there!

This and the next are clearly two different waves. As you can see there's a lot of consistency in Mark's body position. I haven't figured out the best way of photographing that move without a sequence...

This, instead, was a sweet top turn dragging his hand in the water. Unfortunately, I shot a tad too late and you can't see the hand, but it was really stylish.

Well, today (Sunday) it's two weeks from my accident. The healing is slow but steady and I feel that I'll be just fine in 5-6 more weeks.
Yesterday I tried swimming (with mask, snorkel and foam blocks between legs) and it was great. I'll make a daily routine of it and soon I'll be as strong as a paddler as ever... yeah!


Pål Rype said...

Mark rocks ! Have a good recovery ! remember to take it easy with the leg in the beginning when you take the cast of. it will be weak. i overstrained my leg after a broken ankle incident and had all sort of problems afterwards.

cammar said...

Thanks Pal, I'll try to remember that.
Actually, even though June can still offer good wavesailing, in order to avoid further injuries before the foot is back 100%, I plan on getting back on a windsurfer in late August/September... unless I take my footstraps off.
I'd be just stoked to be able to surf in June. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if any other riders are trying Mark's patented 'Mutant'? It doesn't seem to be catching on. Considering the time Angulo's put into it, i guess it is extremely difficult.


cammar said...

I see others eventually doing aerial 360s off the lip, but without that body contorsion that Mark does.
So, no... I've never seen anyone else even trying it.
More than difficult, to me it looks impossible...

aurelien said...

Glad to have a space in this post with those guys!!! Everything is possible after all! But maybe I should stop using my quickname which sound completely retarded Hahah