Monday, April 19, 2010

the start of a week a great wave sailing

Very fun conditions at Hookipa yesterday.

Actually it was probably more fun to watch than to sail, considering how crowded it was: 40 people and an extremely high level of skills, with the Neil Pryde and Fanatic teams getting shot by four water photographers.

Because of the crowd, other than the first hour or so, I would have not enjoyed being out there, so I was pretty happy to take photos and watch the pros (and try to learn something from them).

The forecast for next week looks as good as it gets for wave sailing. Back to back NW swells with side to sideoff trade winds. Some days may get fairly big, but not a problem for these guys. It's going to be a great show and I won't miss it. You guys are so lucky...

Photo of the day: Ricardo Campello gets the attention of two photographers. I think the one from the top will make for a great shot.
Yeah, Phil Horrocks is "a bit" in the way, but I still like it. It reminds me of another good aspect of not being sponsored: man, all those stickers on the sail would bug the hell out of me!

Here's the other 32 (!) worthy photos in chronological order, starting from this guy on an old Simmer, who was ripping pretty hard.

Francky goes to Hollywood (I guess you can call Hookipa like that these days...). Better open your eyes out there, brah!

Mark Angulo chasing wife.

Klaas Voget.

Leon Jamaer. BTW, he's the one in the Hot Sails Maui banner at the top right. Crazy shot taken in South Africa.

Nice triangle.

Fabrice Beaux.

Lovely headless ladies.

Mr. Polakow shows up only when:
- he has a photoshoot (because he has to)
- it's big and gnarly (because he likes that)

Leon. This photos gives you an idea of how busy it was.

Mark landed one of his mutant (not this one) fully planing. John Skye and me were watching it and we both went: WOW!
Then John added:"look at him, he kept sailing like if it was nothing... if it was one of us, we would be claiming it and celebrating like crazy..."
John is quite impressed by Mark's sailing... and he's not the only one!

Not sure who this is, but for sure not a pro... good job at making the blog in a day like this!


Wipe out Boujmaa style.

Patrick Bergeron.

A new pair of Russian legs (meaning: it's the first time I see this girl and she has a RUSxyw sail number...)



Fins, fins, fins!


Many broken masts. This is Ricardo's.


Robby Swift.

Victor Fernandez. Sorry, a bit dark...

Skyler Haywood.

Quite a few people went on the rocks: this is Swift. Notice the double ankle boots. Lots of sailors wear them. Wave sailing is really bad for feet, ankles and knees. We all know that, but it's so worth it!

It's too easy with the hook on the front for Nayra.

Sean Ordonez picked a very busy day for his "once a year" windsurfing session.



This brazilian kid is Ian Mouro and he landed a perfect double forward. It might be a common feature in Pozo, but you don't see many of those at Hoo... I was quite impressed.
Hey, he uses adjustable harness lines too! Must have a superior IQ... ;)


See you next time (probably tomorrow).


Pål Rype said...

I saw Marks Mutant too. it was up at middles and he just got this incredible extra lift and landed fully planing on the unbroken wave face with a bang that could be heard all the way up on the cliffs. of course i didnt see this through my lens (note to self.always watch Mark)

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love the pictures!

benjaminpink said...

Hi photos, thanks. Are those fin covers on Boujmaa's board or are those the actual fins themselves?

cammar said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

he's not exactly light on his gear, is he? Good thing he builds his own boards...

those are the actual fins. These guys are always - constantly - trying new stuff.

Anonymous said...

super post GP ... thanks !

nayra alonso said...

Hi GP!

John just showed me the pic... you bastard!! hehehe.... i was looking, again, for my car keys in the little pocket of my harness..... what were you looking at?? heheheheheheheheh see ya at the beach!

cammar said...

Not sure what I was looking at, but now I know what to look at when you pass by... the little pocket with the car keys!


Unknown said...

Nice pics, thanks!

Nord_Roi said...

Thanks a lot for your great report and all those shots! Really appreciate!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A nice Bodum of coffee and this amazing post - what a great way to start the day here in Canada.
AND complete with our fav 'foto de la chica'.

Anonymous said...

Nice triangle indeed - I would have been much better in geometry would they have used those kind...

Great windsurfing shots.

Good recovery.

benjaminpink said...

Hi GP, thanks. I meant to write "Great photos, thanks!"

Windspirit said...

Bellissime le ultime foto pubblicate...non passa giorno che non guardi il tuo blog. Complimenti da Paolo di