Monday, April 12, 2010


Wow, what a beautiful day Sunday was!

Now that I can't windsurf or surf, I don't care what the conditions are and am able to just sit and enjoy the sunshine while taking photos and chatting with friends.

In the morning I did my swim at Kanaha and then sat in the sun to dry out.

Lovely Sam Bittner, organizer of the Pistol River Wave Bash, was in my lens.

That's my rig.

Later on I went to Hookipa to check out some shapes.

It was great to chat with Bruce Irons.

Cute and smiling Kanza Stott must have had a good sesh.

Michael Stuart.

Matt Meola stretches out.


Joe Agliozzo said...

Short and wide seems to be catching on everywhere in the shortboard world - those look like some fun shapes to ride.

millhead said...

Super shots...oh I long for Maui.

cammar said...

Joe, it was about time they figured it out!
I don't know why anyone should get a sub 19 wide board unless they're in the ASP...
JUST before before breaking my foot I got myself a Rusty Pirana 6'6"x20.7 quad...
Yeah, Lalo's board looks really good and that red one too.
Ah, good looking surfboards... just like women, I'd like to ride them all.

Thanks Millhead.

Anonymous said...

Nice laid back post - good for the recuperation.