Monday, April 26, 2010

family beach day

Kinda flat on the north shore, most people opted to head south.
The waves were the usual small, mushy Maui south shore stuff. Here's a bit of beach scenes.

Dog on the nose.


At the beginning of each windsurf or surf lessons, I always pointed out:"this is the front of the board and this is the back of the board".
This guy was not one of my students.

Lovely ladies.

I don't even know where my right Birky is anymore.

Best $45 buy ever.
Unfortunately, the crutches are messing with my left thumb and I can only do very little practice.

Downwind facing dog.

I miss yoga.

He's ready!

Love the ankle crossing.

Hey, a day at the beach is still a day at the beach!


Anonymous said...

Hey Giampaolo, thanks for sharing your days online. I kinda like your last posts cause they show how good you are in observing and taking pics when your mind is not all set to your own next session. Get well and wet soon anyway! Can´t wait to get to Maui again in August (I know, but it´s the only time of year I manage to break away. I bet I score a surprise north swell).

cammar said...

It's possible. Worst month for waves on the north shore is actually July, IMO.
August can offer either windswells or sporadic NE or N swells episodes.
But those are average conditions, they don't mean anything.
For example, last year's complete lack of wind and abundance of waves in May was shocking!

Anonymous said...

Hey GP,

Nice price on that beautiful ukulele! Looking forward to jamming with you in August!