Friday, April 23, 2010

Double air taka off the lip anyone?

Yet another grand day at Hookipa.

Despite the amount of great shots you'll see below, the shot of the day goes to this not so remarkable one (and this time I mean the photo itself, not the action in it), because it's a goiter of Browsinho, who yesterday did an amazing double air taka off the lip (landed on the back of the wave). It may not be the first time he did that, but sure enough it was the first time I saw something like that...

The amazing thing about the level in the water these days is that it's not only Kauli or Mark or Levi or Polakow (which is already four people, btw), but it's a whole bunch of guys that are capable of doing all kind of sick glorious shit.
And the local riders get the motivation to push it too.
Fantastic. What I'm witnessing these days at Hookipa is just fantastic.
Once again, if I was fine, I'd be sailing somewhere else down the coast and miss all this. God bless injuries in photoshoot time.

Here's the other photos in chronological order.

I've been told that I only take photos of ladies on the beach, not in action.
That's not exactly true. The reality is that there's not many girls that rips as hard as the guys. Junko is for sure one of the few.

Volwater at Pipeline?


Patrick chased by a meaty one.


Legged guardrail.


Nat Gill, ripping as usual.






4.2? 4.5? 4.0?


Kauli mid landed goiter.

Sometimes they struggle too, but still less then us.
This is Kauli in a situation in which most common mortals would just give up and get ready for a long swim.

Instead he managed to water start (no wind on the inside) and chicken tack ..

...eventually he got engulfed by the white water, but at that point it wasn't as bad.




Where's my bloody board?!


You think if I had a camera like that you would see better photos on this blog?
Wrong. You wouldn't see any photo at all...
Too many grams, too many bits.

Talking about bits, unfortunately I had my camera set on VGA resolution and all the photos in this post are 640x480 with an average size of 60K. Did you even notice the difference?

Here's the blog stats of the last seven days: 2,198 unique visitors only yesterday!
Thanks everyone for tuning in, please spread the word by telling your friends and linking this blog on your website, forum, etc.
I have an afternoon shift today, but I'll take pics till 1.30, so that you can get your daily dose of action.

Ps. Talking of linking blogs, I'm a horrible blogs reader (I just have more fun writing than reading), but I like this guy's style a lot.


dkrukovsky said...

Hey, what's "chicken tack"?

Anonymous said...

Hey GP,

Ricardo's aerial off the lip shot is fantastic. The giant "S" shape that he forms with his board and body creates a sinuous brilliance. I would love to see a shot of Ricardo posed like this in a magazine or as a photograph on a wall. The trade off with VGA resolution, camera and lens limitations is that no magazine would be able to print this other than as a postage stamp sized pic. I know its a compromise that you choose to make and that you feel comfortable with, but some of your shots are spectacular. I would love to see one of them as a magazine cover or photo spread, as much as I enjoyed seeing you on the cover of Windsurfing Magazine!
All the best,
Ely from NYC

cammar said...

D, chicken tacks or jibes are just regular tacks or jibes, but done when sailing out in front of a big wave as a consequence train thoughts like:
"that's too big - I'm not gonna make it - I'm too scared... I better (chicken) tack or jibe".

Ely, agree on Ricardo aerial(s).
Agree also on the VGA, but as you can see from the word "unfortunately" that I used, it was not a choice... it just got left on VGA accidentally.
I usually take photos at a res that my camera calls 1M. That means 1280x960 and an average size of 300k. There's also two better res called 3M and 5M. I don't like those, 'cause the resulting files are way bigger and that bugs me. Plus I honestly can't see any difference on the computer.
And even at 5M, the resulting quality would still not be exactly what magazines are looking for.
I had two shots published by Wind (haven't seen the money yet...) though.
Of course Windnews (the italian magazine I work for), publishes plenty of my shots, but the reason I take photos is to put them on the blog and share them with the world, not to sell them to magazines. Otherwise, I would definitely need a camera like that huge one in the photo... good luck at carrying that in your backpack at all times!
Specially on crutches!

I do not know any other point and shoot $300 camera that takes photos like mine. I was so lucky to get it!

benjaminpink said...

Really great photos GP. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Cool, Giampaolo. What camera are you using these days that you like so much?


cammar said...

Thanks Ben.

Ely, same one I've been using for the last 3-4 years: Sony dsc-h1.
It has a pretty narrow lens already, plus 12x optical, plus I added a 1.7x telelens, plus it has an amazing 2x digital zoom that it's way better than cropping the image at home.

Swift's closeup aerial of the post before this was taken with almost full digital zoom... not bad, uh?

Here's how it looks without the telelens.

For example, more advanced and modern Canon powershot sx10 or 20 with 20x optical zoom don't zoom as much as mine and don't take as good zoomed photos, because they have a wide angle lens.

My camera, of course, is not the best for landscapes, but you can't have everything...

Anonymous said...

Hi, with this resolution when I click on each photo to see it bigger it doesn't expand so I reaaly prefer the bigger ones!!

I check you blog every day and allways is like to be one more day on Maui!!


Anonymous said...

Is there a video of Brawzinho's double taka? Hopefully one surfaces soon... really want to see that!