Sunday, April 25, 2010

birds talk

This looks like him.

This looks like her.

"Where were you all night last night?!?!?"

No one wants to talk after such an argument.

Big board for little surfer.

The view from Pavillion. Looks like Laurent.

Butterfly effect.


Three down.

Three up.


Gopro helment mount. I like the head band a lot better, because it doesn't create as much drag when you get worked by a wave.
Plus the helmet gives you an hairdo like the birds!

Ah, custom shapes...


Henrik aka Sinker said...

"the helmet gives you an hairdo like the birds" :-)

So I finally made your blog although not the way I had expected. You made mine, with much more cred.

I wished I had read your insightful comment on helmets in tumbles earlier. You are very right, my helmet was almost torn apart by the drag from the water in one of the waves yesterday. I didn't understand what had happened until I read your comment today.

Keep reporting from your lookout, it eternally prolongs my stay on Maui now that I'm back in Sweden.

Hope to see you back in the waves soon!

cammar said...

Doesn't matter how you made it... all it matters is that you made it!

The head band eliminates also the wobbling that is an intrinsic feature of an helmet. Just remember to put a leash from the band to the cord of your wetsuit (or to the shoulder of the wetsuit yourself if you're using a sleeveless one) every time you use it, even in flat water.

When the waves are really big, be careful that the impact of the water can smash the camera on your nose, so you have to learn how to dive the waves properly... all learned by experience.

In the waves, I'm afraid you'll see me only if you come back next year...

Anonymous said...

A very gentle post this time GP - but it makes a pleasant change :-)

A reflection of your laid-back attitude perhaps?


cammar said...

Another reflection is the following sentence:
"where the fuck are my McVities?!!!"

Anonymous said...


Patience is a virtue or, maybe, a virgin??????