Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bouj's board

Yesterday I tried Boujmaa's board (a custom built by Starboard).

It's a twin fin (my favorite) and has a beautiful curvy outline. In other words, it looks pretty sick to me.
And on the wave it is pretty sick! Unfortunately, being around 72 liters it's not quite enough for me off the wave. I don't think I'm much heavier than the Moroccan, so I think the difference is purely skill level...

Here are some pics. Unfortunately the wind was pretty light and I couldn't get much speed on the waves.

That's right after a tack on the inside with light wind... water up the knees.

Here's that beautiful curvy outline... too bad she's so small.

Here's another beautiful curvy outline and this one looks even the right size for me!

After my session(s), I took some pics. 14yo Casey is enjoying his new Firelight too. That sail is a breakthrough.

Mini sequence of a top turn by Camille. His board is barely touching the water...

...and then he will stick the nose and the rest of the board into the face to regain the grip. The master of these kind of turns IMO, is Kauli.


That's it for now, have a gorgeous day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Giampaolo,

do you prefer twin boards than quads?
it's strange for me that starboard stopped to produce the evil after just one year


benjaminpink said...

Is Boujama's board much different from the production 2012 Evo? More rocker? just curious, thanks Ben

cammar said...

Ciao Francesco,
yes I prefere twins over quads. Starboard did what the market demanded... who was going to buy a twin when there's the "new quads" out there?!?

I don't know. My guess is that board has nothing to do with any SB production board, but that's just a guess...